Please consider this a glossary, it introduces concepts that are important in Ladda and will help you to better understand the documentation and code.

  • ID: Unique identifier for a EntityValue. By default assumed to be the property "id" of an object. But can be overwritten (see Ladda Config).

  • Entity: An Entity is an object with a specified set of keys and values they store. For instance, User can be an entity specified as user { id, name, email, phoneNumber }. MiniUser can be another entity, specified as miniUser { id, name }.

  • EntityName: For example "user". Used to reference entities (see Entity definition).

  • EntityConfig: Configuration of an entity.

  • Api: Registered in the EntityConfig. Technically it is an object with keys corresponding to function names and values to ApiFunctions.

  • ApiFunction: A function returning a Promise and that is part of an Api.

  • EntityValue: An object fullfilling the specification of an Entity. This is the main type used and required for all the advanced features of Ladda. Eg. { id, name, email, phoneNumber} which is the EntitityValue for the entity user (specified in the Entity definition).

  • BlobValue: Can be either a list, an object or just a single value. Differs from EntityValue in that no ID exists. You use this type by specifying yourFunction.idFrom = 'ARGS'. The arguments with which you called the ApiFunction will be used to create an ID.

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