Getting Started

Do a npm install ladda-cache --save in your project. Now, to use Ladda you need to configure it and export an API built from the configuration. Create a file "api/index.js":

import * as projectApi from './project';
import { build } from 'ladda-cache';

const config = {
    project: {
        api: projectApi

export default build(config);

where project is a bunch of api-methods (living in /api/project.js) returning promises, it might look like:

getProjectsCreatedAfter.operation = 'READ';
export function getProjectsCreatedAfter(date) {
    return get(resource, {date}); // Returns a promise containing a list of projects (where each project has an ID)

where get is a function performing a HTTP-requests and returning a promise. You will need to create an API for your own application using your own method for creating get requests (for example Axios). When you call getProjectsCreatedAfter the results will be cached. So if you call it more than once within 300s (default time to life for the cache), only one HTTP-request will be made per date. Just don't forget that each project must have an ID, by default in a property "id" (eg.

For a very concise and self-contained example, check out this minimal example.

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