We'd love to see others help out with Ladda. There's definitely room for improvement everywhere. Testing, documentation, coding, thinking about new features yet more important refining existing features.


Things that are important to us:

  • Before creating a PR, make sure to write up an Issue

  • When creating a PR, make sure to have essential test coverage

  • The core API needs to be stable - try to not change it or have good reasons for changing it

  • Don't try make Ladda something else - it is not Relay/GraphQL

  • Keep it simple - think about how to allow for a plugin that does what you think of rather than extending Ladda unless it is obviously something that belongs in Ladda's core code.

Further Feature Ideas

Just a collection of ideas, might happen but might also not happen:

  • Expose when an entity has been manipulated with the goal to make it easy to extend Ladda outside of the core code (eg. to build framework integrations).

  • Optimistic updates

  • Framework integrations (for example a React HOC that re-renders on changes to entities) that should be an independent library

  • Multiple request support (handle the case were Ladda gets multiple requests before the first one has resolved)

  • Garbage collection - Eg. Keep track of data without any references and no "byId" ApiFunctions. Delete it.

  • Cache aliases (allow a ApiFunction to write to another ApiFunctions cache, useful for polling)

Feel free to propose a feature in the Issues.

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