Check out some of our demos, designed to show some of the benefits of Ladda.

CRUD Example

This application showcases Ladda's CRUD caching capabilities, including updating Entities, as well as invalidation across different Entities. Check it out and make sure you also take a look at the source code, which contains a more detailed description.

Searching Hacker News

This is an example to see Ladda in action solely for the READ operation. It interacts with an API and shows how you would benefit from the cache. The example shows you the time to live (TTL) for every cached result, which has been configured to 15 seconds. It also shows you how many cache hits and misses you had, and an estimation of time saved by using the cache. Check it out.

Examples in the Ladda Repository

There are a couple of examples in the Ladda repository. You can clone Ladda to your local machine, navigate to one of the examples and follow the to start the example.

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