Main Contributors

Many people are involved in Ladda in one way or another. Might be by just saying something giving us an idea, by ad-hoc feedback on Facebook or whathever. Thanks to all of you!

Some people and organizations that contributed a lot:

  • Small Improvements: The first user of Ladda and also allowed us to work on Ladda at work during our slack time! Being a place full of highly skilled developers, and being a feedback company, has resulted in plenty of constructive feedback for Ladda!

  • Robin Wieruch: Pushed Ladda from being "Peter friendly" to being "Human friendly" (or well, at least "Developer friendly"). Kicked off the work with docs and examples. Proposed new features and discussed existing.

  • Gernot Höflechner: Pushed Peter to work on Ladda. Kept bringing it up until it happened. Also involved in the initial discussions and discussions about the future of Ladda.

  • Peter Crona: Started the project and has worked hard to keep it nice and tidy. Focusing on the code, but also tried writing some documentation.

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